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Monday, 15 September 2014

Australian Negotiator's allegations are Peppersoup Joint Talk-Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo has voiced his opinion on the allegations laid down by Australian negotiator, Stephen Davis. He claims he knows him because he negotiated a peace deal between him(Asari) during his days as a Niger Delta Militant.However, he says the allegations are for pepper soup joints. He told the Sun......
“Davis is Obasanjo’s friend. Obasanjo brought him to Nigeria and he is playing Obasanjo‘s script. He is playing Obasanjo’s agenda. Whoever intro­duced him to the government should have done a background check on him,” How can he say opposition is sponsoring Boko Haram and then the first name he would mention is Azubuike Ihejirika. When did Ihejirika start to sponsor Boko Haram, was it when it was formed in 2002 when he was never Chief of Army Staff of when their leader Mohammed Yusuf was extra-judicially murdered in 2009 or when did he start sponsoring if not that someone is playing politics.
“He said former governor Ali Modu Sheriff is sponsoring Boko Haram and I ask when? Was it when they accused him of allegedly murdering Yusuf’s father-in law who was his former Commissioner? Lest we forget one of the demands of Boko Haram in 2009 was that Sheriff should be put on trial, so when did he start the sponsorship. continue...
“Now all of a sudden, Sherrif who was a chief­tain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) was not a sponsor of Boko Haram until he defected to the PDP. Now APC are not shouting. So when they are hobnobbing with him he was not a Boko Haram sponsor until now. APC is evil and they are hiding the truth from people. As far as I am concern, my friend Stephen Davis has totally reduced himself. All his comments are pepper soup joint talk.”
On their negotiations
He negotiated with me when I was in the creek on behalf of the European Embassies in Nigeria. He negotiated with me to cease fire and come out to meet with the then President Olusegun Oba­sanjo. He negotiated with me without paying any­thing. We only agreed because we thought Oba­sanjo would be sincere but it did not happen.”
On the missing Chibok girls and pressure from the International Community
Which International community? The interna­tional community that went to Iraq and said there were weapons of mass destruction, till today they have not seen any. The International community that went to Libya to kill Ghadaffi and today have totally destroyed Libya. Which International com­munity are you talking about the international community with vested interests? They came since with goggle map and co, so why have they not located the girls. It is a disgrace. Why have America soldiers not rescued the girls.”

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